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Our story

Our Story

1 - Family story

We are a French – Moroccan expat family living in Dubai since 2018, when we had our first baby, we wanted to find the best nanny for her, someone we can trust and that can become part of our family. We were far from expecting that we would struggle for 7 months trying all the possible ways out there.


  • On Facebook groups we were flooded by more than 300 messages, half of them were fake. And for the other half, you had to spend 5 min on the phone with each one to later realize that she is not what we need (no experience as a nanny, not the same salary expectation, no recommendation from previous families, …)
  • On the other hand, we were also frustrated by agencies charging us thousands of dirhams in fees just to connect you with a couple of profiles to interview… it just didn’t seem fair.

our mission

2 - A simple way to find a nanny

So went on a mission to fix the nanny search in the UAE with a simple belief: you don’t have to spend thousands or dirhams and months of search to find, filter, contact and interview available nannies that fit your requirements.


While doing so, we also wanted to give the opportunity to the motivated and honest nannies, who give their best for us and our kids to find a job more easily where they could be respected and valued.


3 - Hire her


Peekaboo nannies was then born in 2020 as a platform where nannies looking for a job can register, our team contact them to filter and check the accuracy of their information. Families can then register starting from less than two hundred dirhams to access all the profiles, filter and contact them directly. No more fee is charged, and that’s only fair…


Peekaboo Nannies FZCO is a registered business in Dubai (within the International free zone authority. We are compliant with all the latest rules and regulations of nanny and maid hiring in the UAE. We do not handle the hiring and sponsorship – if needed we can connect you with some companies we have tried that can support you for that.two


Join us

One time fee - No automatic renewal & No additional agency fee


AED 195 2 weeks
  • Full database access - 2 weeks
  • New profiles every 24h
  • Personal space to manage your shortlist
  • 100% refund if you are not satisfied
  • 200 AED discount on our partner visa services
  • Dedicated consultant*


AED 245 AED 380
  • Full database access - 1 month
  • New profiles every 24h
  • Personal space to manage your shortlist
  • 100% refund if you are not satisfied
  • 200 AED discount on our partner visa services
  • Dedicated consultant*
Best Offer


  • Full database access - 1 month
  • New profiles every 24h
  • Personal space to manage your shortlist
  • 100% refund if you are not satisfied
  • 200 AED discount on our partner visa services
  • Dedicated consultant*

*Dedicated consultant : 

Share all your requirements with our consultant and get minimum 3 shortlisted and pre-interviewed candidates per week
Offered free suggested replacement after one month of trial with the nanny / maid

Need Help?


Peekaboo Nannies works as a platform: there are 600+ profiles of available nannies in the UAE, after you register (fee starts from 195 AED) you have access to all the profiles and their contact details. You can call and interview as many as you want, discuss the conditions and salary directly with them until you find the perfect one for you. You can then hire her and sponsor her directly – Peekaboo is not an agency and do not provide sponsorship, but we can connect with services that can help you with that.
As a platform, we leave the salary discussing directly between you and the nanny. The nanny / maid have their desired salaries mentioned in their profiles. The range is quite broad from 1500 to 3500 AED monthly. Unlike an agency, when you find your nanny with Peekaboo, all the money you spend goes to her salary.
You can access our pricing table here – it starts at 195 AED for 2 weeks access to the database. We charge a one-time fee to access the database, and that’s it. No recurring monthly fees and all the money you spend goes to the nanny directly – making you save thousands of AED compared to traditional agencies. Also it’s 100% guaranteed : you get a full refund if you don’t find your nanny with us.
All the nannies that register in our website are interviewed and filtered by our onboarding team. We cross-check with the nanny the information they have mentioned to offer the most accurate profile – throughout this process, only 25% of the nannies are approved to be posted on Peekaboo. But the nannies are not our employees, and we are not responsible for their behaviour – that is why we also encourage you to re-check their information with them and ideally call their previous employer to also get their feedback.
We have a 100% guaranteed policy. If you are not satisfied by our service, send us an email (contact us section) a customer care agent will contact you and proceed to your refund.
Peekaboo nannies is not an agency and we do not sponsor the nannies. By law, the sponsorship must be taken care of by the employer. There are now services that make it very simple and fully online, we can connect you with them if you need any help.

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    Conditions and Obligations for Hiring a Nanny

    Employers of nannies in UAE have certain conditions and obligations to fulfill. These include:
    • Salary and Employment Terms: Ensure that you provide fair and reasonable employment terms to your nanny. This includes a monthly salary, working hours, rest days, annual leave, sick leave, and overtime compensation as per MOM regulations.
    • Accommodation: Provide suitable accommodation for your nanny, which should meet the requirements set by MOM. The living space should be clean, well-maintained, and offer adequate privacy.
    • Medical and Insurance Coverage: Purchase and maintain medical insurance for your nanny, covering inpatient and outpatient treatments, as well as personal accident coverage. MOM requires a minimum coverage amount, so verify the specific requirements.
    • Levies and CPF Contributions: As an employer, you are responsible for paying monthly levies to MOM. These levies are used to fund programs and services for foreign domestic workers. Additionally, you are required to make Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for your nanny, which include employer and employee contributions.
    • Settling-In Program (SIP): Enroll your nanny in the mandatory Settling-In Program (SIP), which provides essential information on living and working in UAE. The program aims to help nannies adapt to their new environment and understand their rights and responsibilities.
    • Termination and Repatriation: In the event of contract termination, you are responsible for arranging your nanny’s repatriation, including covering the necessary expenses such as airfare.