How to Hire

After finding your nanny / maid, the next step now is to hire, sponsor and do all the required paperwork. Although it seems like a daunting task, this part is the simplest as we have identified and partnered with services that make it smooth (and completely online for you).


After many discussions with families and testing many visa service providers, Peekaboo Nannies have identified services and negotiated preferred rates for its users. It can be done fully online and with the help Tadbeer licensed agency, that does all the paperwork and also queue and represents you at all UAE government service branches involved – making your hiring 100% legal and compliant with UAE regulations

Get Started

Send us your basic information and our partner agency will contact you within a day to continue the process – 100% online

    The Cost

    2 years visa Cost 
    AED 8,200
    Monthly service fee
    AED 230

    This visa is valid for two years for both expats and local sponsors.

    The Process

    The visa application process takes approximately 5-10 days during which the agency handles the end-to-end process

    The documents required for sponsoring a helper are the below (collected from your doorstep)


    From the sponsor:

    • Passport Copy
    • Visa Page Copy
    • Emirates ID Copy
    • Tenancy Contract Copy
    • Salary Certificate Copy

    From the helper:

    • Passport Copy
    • Visit visa paper with entry date stamped or entry date page copy from passport
    • 12 passport size photograph with white background
    • Police clearance certificate (should be for last 5 years where he/she was residing)
    • Cancellation paper from previous employer (If he / she was working in UAE before)
    • Old emirates ID copy (If he / she was working in UAE before)


    Does this process comply with UAE laws and requirements?

    Yes, this process is 100% compliant with the latest UAE laws and requirements for nanny and maid hiring – as the partner providing the service is Tadbeer licensed. Also note that this process is mandatory (even if the helper has her own visa her husband for example)

    What does the price include?

    The fee includes all the legally required elements to hire a nanny or maid. The 2 years visa fee and the insurance.

    What does the service entails?

    The partner agency handles your end-to-end process for the visa application: Collecting documents (via email) from you, visits and back and forth from all required government offices (5+), taking your helper to the medical test, insurance, passport delivery with the visa and Emirates ID of the helper

    Is the visa processed by Peekaboo? Is Peekaboo the Sponsor?

    This is an agency sponsored visa – our partner agency will be the sponsor for the nanny. This is the preferred option for 85% of families (vs private sponsorship) as it results in significantly lower cost with no major difference for the family or the helper.

    Can we process the visa differently? Are there cheaper options?

    The fee has been negotiated with several agencies to provide the lowest rate possible in the market. It is based on a Peekaboo volume discount, that can’t be access to as an individual. Note that this special rate is only accessible for Peekaboo registered users.

    What does cancelled visa mean (in the nanny profile)?

    Cancelled visa means that previous employer released her and that she is ready to find a new employer. It doesn’t mean that the nanny is staying here illegally or that the visa has expired.

    Is the process the same if the visa is not in the UAE?

    If you bring a nanny from outside the country, the process can be much heavier. Note that Peekaboo Nannies platform only provides profiles of nannies and maids already in the UAE